“Chemistry meets connection with Aroha Silhouettes, each piece binding together science and experience. These aren’t just items of jewelry, they are reminders. The rush of oxytocin and serotonin from a lover’s touch. The hum of caffeine kick-starting your morning. THC easing your anxiety and relaxing you at the end of a difficult day.

From the wearable vices in my personal favourite, ‘Molecular Addictions’, to the indulgent ‘Designer Drugs’, or the most recent ‘Gender’, each new collection of designs comes with a story behind it. Every Aroha Silhouettes piece is designed, assembled, photographed, and packaged right in my East Vancouver studio by yours truly.

With roots in the scientific community, having left a 9-5 laboratory job to pursue a more creative path when I made Aroha Silhouettes my full-time focus, attention to detail and genuine appreciation for every piece (and the customers that purchase them!) is foremost on my mind during the creation and production process. Each molecule is researched meticulously and each design is hand-drawn carefully, infused with a minimalist aesthetic.

Since Aroha Silhouettes beginnings in 2008, my designs have been featured by Designboom, Buzzfeed, Fast Company’s Co.Design, Dezeen, Design Milk, Notcot and Dangerous Minds among many others. My hope is that those who purchase an Aroha Silhouettes piece for themselves, or receive one as a gift, are wearing the perfect piece that suits them and carries significance in their lives.”