Catnip Earrings
Catnip Earrings Catnip Earrings Catnip Earrings Catnip Earrings

It’s not just humans who have their vices. Cats, too, enjoy indulging in a special recreational substance: catnip. Some kitties go absolutely cuckoo for catnip! This little molecule grows in gardens and is laced into popular cat toys, and it sends felines into an often-hilarious euphoric state.

Make yourself irresistible to your favourite feline with these adorable Catnip Earrings, or gift them to the ultimate cat lover in your life.

  • Choose from unfinished stainless steel, a smooth matte black powder coating or a lasting 24kt gold glossy finish
  • Made from a strong yet lightweight stainless steel
  • Molecule: 2.4 x 2.8 cm (0.9 x 1.1”)
  • Paired with delicate silver plated, gunmetal or gold-filled ear wires
  • Come packaged in a sleek Aroha Silhouettes gift box