A transplant from Christchurch, New Zealand, Tania Hennessy has cut her own individual path into Vancouver, Canada much as she cuts her own style into the unique jewelry she creates in her studio. Her company, Aroha Silhouettes, was born in 2008 after she felt a desire to balance out her mundane 9-5 laboratory job with a creative endeavor. Phantasmal, a collection of laser-cut, three-dimensional designs made from reclaimed vinyl records launched in an Etsy store, kicked off Tania’s moonlighting adventure and would end up being the impetus for eventually transitioning her career away from science and into full time jewelry creation. 

Science being a clear influence from the beginning, Aroha Silhouettes’ designs parlay a distinctly clean and minimalist vibe, combining the elements of a sterile laboratory with influences of structural chemistry and geometric shapes. With her use of negative space, contrasting silhouettes and bold lines, Tania’s style emerges as a hybrid of concept, imagination and innovation, injected with her own brand of alternative edge.

Her personal favorite, and the company’s most popular pieces to date, are those from the Molecular Addictions Collection. Here, Tania has created an entire line of visually compelling depictions of various neurotransmitters (serotonin), sex hormones (oxytocin) and outré ‘wearable vices’, from the innocent (caffeine and chocolate), to the more illicit (THC, LSD and MDMA). These unique designs make a bold statement and make the perfect indulgent gifts, which are sure to make a lasting impression.

In 2013, Tania decided to focus all her time and energy into Aroha Silhouettes, making it her full time passion project. In between creating and handcrafting her one of a kind jewelry designs, she’s a Master Kitten Fosterer, Roller Derby ass-kicker and is brainchild to many over-the-top photo shoots.

Aroha Silhouettes jewelry has been featured on well-known websites such as Designboom, Fast Company’s Co.DesignDezeenDesign Milk, Notcot and Dwell to name a few, as well as displayed in print magazines.